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As a leading Financial Planning and mortgage Broking firm in the industry, Birchcorp has always lead the market in innovative strategy and cost effective investing. Our Buyers Advocate Service holds these same values. We have delivered advice for a decade that has allowed many regular Australians the opportunity to buy their first home, investment property, and other assets, utilising a smorgasbord of financial strategies.

So how does this service work?

Simply speaking we have created a 140-point system to review the many properties that we feel necessary to provide you with a suitable property. So what does this entail?

  1. Meeting and advice on all things wealth with a Birchcorp Representative. We will ensure that the property is within your budget.
  1. Mortgage advice and tax guidance around your strategy.
  1. Advice/support from Birchcorp staff in Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, Insurance and Real Estate requirements.
  1. Long Term Wealth Planning.
  1. Property Search and Negotiating of the said property.
  1. Post Settlement discussions and further consultations for current review and future investments.

There are many benefits to a Buyers Advocate Service. All properties will be vetted and signed off by your financial Adviser and your Mortgage Broker at Birchcorp. So not only will you have the services of a professional buyer’s agent, but you will have the calculations vet to ensure it meets your personal financial needs.

We have listed the reasons we felt it necessary to introduce this service as outlined below;

  • Administrative aspects of selecting a property: rental yield, past sales history, expected rent, Cash flow, days on the market. Importantly we can discuss with you the trends and games that are played by real estate agents and other parties. Importantly we remove this stressful task from you.
  • Practical Aspects of your purchase: Size, type of investment, age, profile of suburb, fittings and fixtures, and requirements for tenants. At Birchcorp we utilise a 140-point checklist on all our properties purchased.
  • Financial Aspects; Cash Flow schedule, positive or negative gearing, buying a PPOR that doesn’t place you on the mortgage treadmill, Projections for capital gains, suitable investment vehicles and the tricks to using the mindset of a sophisticated investor. We provide ongoing support using our Financial Wealth Calculator (FWC) as shown in your first meeting.
  • Support with complex documents- the Contract of sale, guidance with your Solicitors direction and advice that is often ambiguous, guidance with bank documents, real estate letters amongst any other support we can offer.
  • Liaise with the many parties involved in the purchase of a property to ensure they are on task – bank, real estate agent, conveyancer, building inspector, Mortgage Broker (Birchcorp) and property valuer to name a few.
  • Post settlement support- How to lease, look after tenants, pay for your property from correct accounts, best tax deductible structure and use of monies, and appropriateness of future investments.
  • Your financial success is a reflection on our business. We have a long term view on both our relationship and your wealth, and while people may believe they have the knowledge to succeed in wealth creation. It is important to re-iterate a common expression, ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

Most clients just do not have the time to devote to this task, many do not have the knowledge or skill set to select a property, many are not confident with property markets or financial calculations, most people do not have the skills to negotiate a lower purchase price.

Most clients have only every purchased a maximum of two or three properties in their life, with many years between purchases, so they may well be out of touch.

There is a key reason for using the Birchcorp Buyers Advocate Service and simply it is to reduce the errors associated from dealings with developers, property spruikers, real estate agents and associated parties selling to uninformed purchasers.

Please note; throughout this entire process, you will always have the option to discuss any aspect of your investment with all staff members.

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