Vendor Advocate Service

Residential property (our homes) account for around 43% of all household wealth in Australia and more importantly, they give us a place for our families to live.

Historically residential property occupies a special place in all Australian investors portfolio. Residential property is historically one of the highest earning asset classes and has consistently outperformed other asset classes. Notably a successful property investor is underpinned by leveraging and this entails other risks that you must consider. Birchcorp makes no secret in suggesting property (commercial or residential) as a critical inclusion in your investment portfolio.

Arguably, over time, financial freedom has become more difficult to attain due to life and its competing demands on your time. If you don’t have time to scroll through websites week in, week out, or you haven’t developed the ability to ask the right question(s), or you don’t have the experience and knowledge, often your investment strategy will be miss the target.

This spiraling complex nature of investing can leave you feeling trapped.

At Birchcorp we understand that property investing will require you to consistently monitor, evaluate and engage to ensure a positive outcome. Purchasing a property in most instances is an overwhelming task and that is where we can help with our 25 years of knowledge.

For those first-time investors, or those that have already purchased their first investment property, or those of you that are sophisticated investors, We at Birchcorp ensure, that our advice will be both refreshing and something that you have not considered.

Ask our office how we can help you find that ‘Balance Between Living and Finances’.